Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ladder Challenge

I've never played Minecraft, so hopefully someone can explain: why is this so impressive? I mean, it looks like it takes some timing skills, but I don't understand why it would take 3 months? From just watching, I would've figured you could get it after an hour or so? Also, what is the significance of the opening part? Was that some super hard, precise jumping? I pretty much have no idea what's happening here. permalink

 As some kind of clarification, this guy is absurdly good at these things (almost to the point of being able to do them blind) and it still took him 1,110 tries to get this right. Basically it's a lot of crazy precise timing/reflexes. permalinkparent

Yes, but what exactly is it that he did? It appears that he ran along a platform, jumped to another one, then made 5 or so smaller jumps to blocks? Or was he not running, but jumping a bunch really fast? I'm just not sure of the mechanics of this thing. permalinkparent

The run/parkour part is run of the mill, the amazing part is the blind jump, placing the ladder on a block and having the game register him as in the ladders hit box while moving a ~78 meters per second, or ~4 meters per game tick. The window for placing the ladder on such a small area is pretty damn small when moving at terminal velocity in minecraft. If the ladder was placed pre/post maturely, or he was slightly off on his trajectory he would completely miss it. Basically its like diving into a thimble from 200 meters. permalinkparent

Okay, thanks! permalinkparent [–]snerp 1 point 3 hours ago If the ladder was placed pre/post maturely, or he was slightly off on his trajectory he would completely miss it. The way game physics actually work, if he aimed and timed it perfectly, it may have still not worked. It's all about the luck of where he is on each frame (as it is very likely that he spends 0 frames in the ladder's hitbox). I'm guessing most of the 1000 tries were actually right on, he was just moving too fast. permalinkparent

 See that wooden thing on the ground at the beginning? That's a switch that powers a command block that made him run about 4x faster than normal. The jumps he makes are impossible at normal speed, but incredibly difficult at the speed he was going. Basically, this map would require a lot of practice so that you can do the moves before your eyes say you need to do them. He could probably do this again without looking....maybe. permalinkparent

 I'm not being a dick? I legitimately do not understand what I'm watching, and would like an explanation. You obviously know what is going on, so you get it, but I don't. I've never played the game, dude. I'm just trying to figure out exactly what the guy in the video did, because I don't know how it works. If you don't want to help me out, fine lol, not sure why you're being a jerk to me. permalink

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