Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Idea - FREE Passive Animal Minecraft Logins

Here's an idea I just got from reading another post. Have FREE logins to minecraft where you go into multiplayer as a randomly spawned free-range (not penned) animal. You can explore and do anything you like but can't pick up items or click on anything. If you die you reincarnate as another random passive mob. You always spawn near a player, as a normal passive mob would. You would have no indicator to players that you are anything other than a normal passive mob, so they'd never know. RATIONALE: I think it'd be really neat to have the occasional pig, sheep, etc... that behaves oddly. Maybe you would push an afk player off a cliff. Maybe you would lead the player on a wild goose (chicken?) chase. Whatever a player-controlled animal would do, it would be a free way for people to check out the game without buying it yet, and it'd give the players the occasional memorable experience of finding an animal that acted really strangely and they'd never know if it was controlled or just bizarre randomness. What do you think?

Its completely unrelated, but very funny.

Also, a nuc reactor

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